Every affordable SEO company out there has a slightly unique way of doing things. It is just the nature of the beast, so to speak. We all have found a way that works for us and for our customers. Instead of simply saying we have one of the best SEO strategies out there, we are going to explain why. Here is a breakdown of why we include each item in our affordable SEO package. It is important you know the benefits of what you are getting. Otherwise, how can you see the value in what we offer?

We Set Up Time for a Call Each Month

One way that we stay in contact with each of our clients is by making a call each month. This is often done over Zoom or Skype so we can show you the progress made over the last months’ time. We want to talk with you to make sure you see how things are going, plus we want to ensure that nothing has changed on your end. If you have new goals, for example, it may lead to a change in SEO or content strategy. By having a monthly call, it allows us to ensure that we are meeting your specific needs. If you ever need to skip a month from being too busy, we can create a short video for you to go over your progress that you can watch at your leisure.

Monthly Keyword Research is Important

We always start off our SEO strategy by doing keyword research. It allows us to see what keywords your target audience is using. Something as simple as saying “attorney” instead of saying “lawyer” could change the audience you appear at the top of the search results for. That is why we take the time to go over keywords each month to make sure we are still using the best keywords to reach your target audience. We want to make sure we are also not missing anything that could boost your ranking.

We Go Over Your Content A Little At a Time

When we first start our SEO package, we divide up your website to some degree. We take a look at the first portion of your website that first month and give an audit of the content. What we are looking for is ways to either add in keywords to help you rank, or explain what you are trying to say in a way that will catch the attention of your audience. This is something we break up over the six-months that our established SEO package runs. Once this is done, we can either run the changes past you so you can see them, or we can update. This goes back to you getting to decide how much you want to be involved in the process.

A Lot Goes Into Your Metadata

Many people forget to put the right information into the metadata of their site. Whether you created your own site or had someone do it for you, metadata is incredibly important. It tells search engines what information is on the page. Think of a search engine as a person trying to feel around in the pitch black. There is no light to see anything, so you have to simply feel around for what is there. By adding the metadata into the site, we tell the search engine what is in that dark room. Search engines do not see what is on the page. Images do not appear to them; they simply scan for data. If you do not have data on the page for these search engines to find, they will bypass your site and move on to the next without indexing your page.

Backlinks Are a Big Part of SEO Strategy

There will forever be an argument about the importance of backlinks. Some people say you need only a few crucial ones, while others say you need tons. We have found that somewhere in the middle is the best approach. You do need backlinks. However, they have to be good backlinks. Just having some random website that is in some random industry have a link to your site does you no good. You need to have links from important places, like directories and similar industry sites. We will make sure to get your website at least two good-quality backlinks per month to help boost your SEO.

One Commonly Overlooked Area of SEO is Reindexing

Recreating your website is great. It shows that you really care about the type of experience your users have. It shows that you want them to be able to find your website easy to navigate so the users will return. However, if you forget to update the search engines that your website is new, revamped, or updated, you could be waiting months for your website to move up the rankings. By making changes and then reindexing your website, you let the search engines know that you are working hard for your visitors. This is very good for SEO. Making the changes to help your users is one of the highest ranking factors according to many experts.

Content Creation Helps Boost SEO

The goal of SEO is to show search engines that you are the turn-to authority for your website. You want Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to see that you know what you are talking about. How are you going to show that without content creation? Here at the Affordable SEO Company, we set you up with five pieces of content each month. We will write them, send them to you for approval, then post them on your site. The content is one pillar page and four similar yet shorter blog posts per month. The pillar page will be longer, typically 1500-2000 words. The blog posts will typically be 4-500 words each. They will all be around the same topic, by design.

Affordable SEO Package Benefits Blog Post Pets PictureFor example… Say your niche is about pets. One pillar page may be about the top four pets for families today. Then, that page could talk about cats, dogs, reptiles, and fish. We would take each pet and break the information down further in the blog posts. One post would be about dogs and explaining in a bit more detail what makes dogs one great option. Another post would be on cats, and so on. This shows that you can cover the topic in depth in the pillar page, plus you can go into more detailed overviews in the blogs. This is a great way to show search engines that you really know your stuff.

Social Media is Also an SEO Factor

Our team of SEO experts include 30 social media posts because showing that you are trying to keep your audience informed is another SEO factor. The more you engage people, the more helpful you appear to search engines. Remember, the goal is to show your audience sees you, or can see you, as an authority. We want to take the keywords we researched and use them to help people see what you have to say. The more engaged we can help your viewers be, the better. We make sure to include different lengths and points in the posts so they can easily be something you can put up on your social media feeds as you see fit.

Your Images Show Far More Than a Beautiful Picture

Images are great for catching the literal eye of a visitor. However, as we mentioned, search engine crawlers do not see them. They are in the pitch black. The only way that we can show those crawlers what you have on the page is to include the right information within the image. We need to do the bare-basic part of including the right information in the saved-file name of the image and using that as the ALT tag of the image. However, that is not all we need to do. We also need to take the old data out of each image and put the right information into the image. This means we take out the data you likely had no idea was there, and put in information that connects your images to your website and your business location.

Your Business Needs to Utilize Google My Business

Any good SEO strategy will include some Google My Business strategy as well. This is a huge way to connect with your audience. You can show them what your business looks like, how you operate, and even schedule appointments through it. The problem is, if you are not using it, you are missing out. By having us do your SEO strategy, we will include four Google My Business Posts per month for you. Each will go up on your page for seven days, then expire naturally. By offering four, you will have a new post 28 days out of each month.

For Those That Want It, We Can Also Host and Maintain Your Website

While this is not crucial for SEO, we do also offer web hosting and maintenance. Should you opt to have us host your website, we will also dedicate two hours per month to update and maintain your site. This includes making sure plugins are up to date, adding posts to your website, or even setting schedules for automatic backups. This is not required for our six-month contract; instead, it is just an offer we make to clients who want the help.

Use Our Affordable SEO Package or Create a Custom SEO Package With Us!

Each item we include in our affordable SEO package is there for a reason. It could be to simply help out customers who do not know how to update their website, or to help get their website to rank better. If you have any questions about these processes, then contact us. We will be sure to respond quickly and get you an answer that will help you understand why we do what we do.