Our SEO Packages

We Keep It Simple


When on the lookout for affordable SEO packages, having a bunch of options is confusing. Instead, we have two simple packages to start with. You can add in more from there, but we keep your options easy to start.

Packages for All Budgets

We Are Here to Help

Some people only need a small SEO package to get the process started for now. Others already have a good foothold and simply need someone to take their SEO to the next level. We are here to help no matter what your SEO needs may be. 


Keyword Research

We will go through and narrow down the most effective keywords for your industry.


Content Audit

Once we have keywords for you, we will go through and make sure your content is properly using those keywords.


Meta Titles and Descriptions

These little sources of information provide a lot of detail to search engines. We will go through and ensure your website is providing the most accurate, keyword-filled information possible so search engines can rank you appropriately.

Backlink Building

Each month we will go through and add at least one new backlink to your site so you can get noticed for the local authority you are.

Search Engine Indexing

When updates are made, we get both Google and Bing to reindex your pages to get you noticed.

Simple Yet Effective

Our Affordable SEO Process



Every bit of our SEO process depends on communication. Here at the Affordable SEO Company, we take the time to speak with you, get to know what you need us to help with, and keep you apprised as we go. The only way to help you achieve your goals is for us to know what they are!

Strategy Planning

Our affordable SEO packages involve both content strategy and SEO strategy. We include both to give you the best opportunity to get ranking quickly, and continue to do so organically. We work with you to come up with a strategy that moves you toward your goals, plus helps bring more visitors to your site.

Strategy Execution

Once we agree on a strategy, we then move into execution. Once we get the information from you to get started, we will execute your SEO strategy on the front end of your site, the back end of your site, and the technical SEO side of things.

Package Pricing

Pricing to Fit Every Budget

We have two simple yet affordable SEO packages. One is for those just starting out, while the other is for an established company who needs a boost.

Our starter SEO package only lasts one month and just gets the process started for new businesses. After that month, you can choose to continue or cancel. Our established SEO package has a mere six-month commitment, and after that, you can leave with just one-month’s notice.

We have built a lot of value into our affordable SEO package to make sure you get what you’re paying for and then some. Read our blog post explaining the point of each item we include in our established package so you can see for yourself. Which package fits your needs best?

I Know What Affordable SEO Package I Want!

If you know which of our simple and affordable SEO packages you want, then let’s get the process started! Simply contact us, we’ll get back to you wihtin 24 hours, and we will get started with our proven process for ranking your website!